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Rose is particularly good in explaining how to establish and keep good credit; the need for having clear, specific financial goals; how to learn from your mistakes when you go off track; and the best ways to eliminate debt."
-New York Times

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Jeff Rose is an author, speaker, veteran, entrepreneur, and financial advisor that is passionate in bringing clarity to people's finances.

He had no financial background and literally stumbled into becoming a financial planner. A few months into his career he realized he had found his calling.

Recognizing that many people lacked the basic information they needed to retire comfortably, he made it his mission to educate those in need .

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“Soldier of Finance is one of my favorite books…”

--Gerri Detweiler, host Credit Radio


Jesus & family lover, financial planner, Iraqi Combat Veteran, Author of Soldier of Finance, In-N-Out Burger addict, Crossfitter.

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